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Call Centers & BPO

The business support services sector began operating in Honduras 10 years ago, and it consolidated in 2010, when Altia Business Park was established in San Pedro Sula and opened its first intelligent tower to provide services to companies through this activity.

Business support services, also known as call centers, are primarily used for mobile phone services, hotel and tourism industry, transportation, and agro-industry, among other. A number of key clients include customers based in the United States, Canada, and some European countries.

These service supply companies manage and provide support and assistance to clients, according to their products, services, or information requested; calls are also used to promote sales and money collection for the client companies.

The first company to settle in Honduras, KM2 Solutions, is now one of the most important in this industry in the country.


In Altia Business Park:

In the rest of the country:


San Services
Partner Hero

Zero Variance

Knoah solution Honduras
Allied Global
Alorica Honduras

Collective Solution
LL Contact Center

Honduras offers a range of opportunities and advantages that allow business stability and sustainability for these types of companies, which include:

  • Skilled, easy to train labor force
  • Competitive wage policies
  • Stable legal conditions that guarantee business freedom principles
  • Trade agreements that make it globally competitive
  • Solid telecommunications infrastructure (with 3 optic fiber cables: Maya 1, Arcos 1)
  • Energy infrastructure that guarantees productivity

The support service industry (call centers) is a sector with a wide potential for diversification in terms of markets, products, and service portfolio.

Honduras holds third position in Central America in terms of employment generated by call centers; and part of the goals of the Honduras 2020 Government Plan include creating fifty thousand new jobs in this industry, based on the existing growth trends.


Allied Global opened its doors in Guatemala, in 2006. It started with 50 seats and it now has more than 7,000 employees. It is a company that provides Contact Center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services for clients in various industries, such as telephone services, cable companies, banks, etc. Allied Global has operations in Guatemala, Belize, the United States, and Honduras.

Allied Global believes and knows that its company engine is its people; and therefore, it provides all the necessary tools for them to carry out their work within a pleasant environment and with state of the art technology. It also offers growth opportunities for its employees.

It is committed to being the best partner to its clients by providing solutions they need with outstanding results, complying with regulations, and implementing the best technology solutions at a competitive price.

It is a company of people, driven by a team of more than 130,000 employees, each one with a story to tell. For its clients, a partnership with Concentrix provides them with access to one of the most diverse teams in the planet, which helps them connect to their direct clients at a personal level, regardless of language or region.

Concentrix offers a consistent experience for their clients in 47 different languages, in more than 150 offices around the world, contributing to reduce their costs and to generate revenue through an ample portfolio of capabilities that include customer care, data analysis, technical support, managing the entire sales cycle, home agents, and collections.

A multinational contact center founded in 2004, which was the first of its kind operating in Honduras.

It has built its basic foundation offering high quality service standards internationally, with the commitment of providing effective solutions and answers according to its client’s current and future needs. It provides a variety of customer services through voice, e-mail, chat, and other means of communication. It specializes in giving support in English from its various centers in different countries.

An outsourcing company committed with its clients that provides first line service, interacting and developing close links with them through telephone calls, emails and chat talks in a great variety of vertical markets; such as telecommunications, cable and wireless services, technical support companies for video games, health, retail business, education, and financial services, among other.
STARTEK focuses on what they call Bran Warrior culture. For more than 25 years, they have been committed to achieving a positive impact on business results for their clients.