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Our organization

The Honduran Manufacturers Association

The Honduras Manufacturers Association (AHM) is a non-profit private sector organization created to serve its associates, representing them before public and private institutions. It arises due to the rapid growth of the manufacturing industry in Honduras, one of the main generator of exports  and job creators in the nation, with the purpose of promoting and developing the investment and the exports of the manufacturing industry at a national and international level.

Our Vision / Nuestra Visión

To ensure the sustainability and growth of the affiliated companies, with the aim of maintaining and generating a productive labor sources, which contribute to increase the country’s competitiveness and reduce poverty in Honduras.

Asegurar la sostenibilidad y crecimiento de las industrias afiliadas, con el objeto de mantener y generar fuentes de trabajo productivas, que contribuyan a incrementar la competitividad del país y a la reducción de la pobreza en Honduras.

Our Mission / Nuestra Misión

To increase the competitiveness and productivity of our asociates, through institutional support that maintains stable policy conditions and a legal framework that encourages private investment; Training and facilitating the implementation of innovation programs in plant, strengthening labor relations with corporate social responsibility and conservation of the ecological environment.

Incrementar la competitividad y productividad de las industrias asociadas, a través de apoyo institucional que mantenga condiciones de políticas estables y un marco jurídico que motive la inversión privada; capacitando y facilitando la implementación de programas de innovación en planta, de fortalecimiento de las relaciones laborales con responsabilidad social empresarial y de conservación del entorno ecológico.

The AHM was founded on October 29, 1991, as a private, apolitical, non-profit institution with its own legal personality. Created for the promotion and development of the maquiladora companies of the country.