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Zona Libre Aereo Impex

Zona Libre AEREO IMPEX (ZIP AEREO IMPEX) is committed to provide quality, efficienciy and customized international services to fulfill the requiremenets of our clientes. In addition its fully commited to the job creation, environmental responsability and the socioeconomic growth of the community.

Located in La Lima, Cortés it is forty one miles south of the Caribbean Port of Puerto Cortés and ten miles north of San Pedro Sula International Airport. The most efficient in Central America, this port offers modern facilities for containers and roll-on cargo.

In order to attract your business, Zoma Libre AEREO IMPEX must have services that will satisfy your highest and most demanding expectations, including the best rent prices in the area. Our main goal is to serve you and we have the experience to do so in the best ways possible.

Basic Services:

  • 24 Hours Perimeter Security.
  • Customs Service on Site.
  • Cafeterias included within the premises.
  • Sport Area.
  • Green Areas maintenance.
  • Abundant water supply.
  • A/C Maintenance Services.

Specialized Services:

  • Assistance in Personnel Recruitment.
  • A/C Maintenance Services / Electric / Pluming / Masonry / Carpentry and other services.

Our goal is to serve you, and we have the experience.