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ZIP EL PORVENIR, Offering Solutions to Make your Entire Operation More Effective Advantages


FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS, Zip Porvenir has become the Partner of Choice for a diverse range of companies that have decided to invest in Honduras, in order to reach a more efficient and highly productive operation.Textile, light manufacturing, promotional items, call centers, solar energy, food processing and harnesses are just a few of the industries that have already trust their success in our hands  and we wish to become your strategic partner in Honduras as well.

ZIP PORVENIR is the ideal environment to establish your offshore operations. Not only, are we the only Free Trade Zone located in the 3rd largest population and electoral city of Honduras, which gives you an ample range of skilled and unskilled labor workforce, easily trainable, loyal and hardworking people that live minutes away from the park, but we also count with a complete educational system up to its own university campus as well as technical schools. Our strategic location guarantees you an access to approximately 60,000 laborers with zero competitors in the area within a similar field which ensures the lowest turnover and absenteeism of the country. Just a small commute away from the main airport , with easy access to a main road and a no hassle transit trip to our main port your company can operate smoothly and effectively.  Start your offshore operations in our ready to occupy buildings. Our one of a kind design,  that vary in lot sizes, allows our buildings to be fully functional and easily adapted to any type of industry and/or clients requirement. Or you can opt for a build to suit system made specially to fulfill your particular needs.

Our rates services include; 

  • 24/7 security services
  • Human resources prescreening and recruitment services
  • Engineering and maintenance services
  • Customs in site
  • Biotop water treatment plant for domestic wastewater
  • Water bill for domestic use included

Building a long term relationships with our clients is something ZIP PORVENIR strongly believes in and we go to great lengths to ensure that our valuable clients receive a first rate service. We look forward to meeting you and start a successful collaboration with your company.