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ZIP Buena Vista



Not only provides the right environment for work, but also its ideal location offers nearby recreational facilities such as golf courses, beaches, archaeological sites, lakes, rivers, and much more.

San Pedro Sula, an easy 15 minute drive from BUENA VISTA (Villanueva), has modern residential areas, supermarkets, a wide section of fine restaurants, comfortable movie theaters, English language cable television… and all the amenities that go with an energetic entrepreneurial center.

A selection of bilingual or Spanish language schools offer kindergarten through college. Paved roads facilitate day trips to Lake Yojoa and its excellent bass fishing, the outstanding major archaeological site of the Mayan Ruins of Copan, and the Caribbean beaches of Tela, Omoa, Trujillo and Cortes.

The second largest barrier reef in the world can be found of the Honduran Bay Islands, a mere 30-minute flight from San Pedro Sula, and approximately 6 hours away by sailboat. This is one of the most beautiful sites for the enjoyment of snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.
One of the world’s few biospheres and jungle river trips awaits the more adventurous in the northeastern Mosquitia area and bird watchers will have a field day in many areas of the country.

A relaxed lifestyle combined with lots to do make for a pleasant and enriching stay in Honduras.

The services provided by ZIP BUENA VISTA are:

  • 24 hour perimeter security
  • Garbage collection
  • Maintenance of park grounds
  • Street lighting
  • Fire hydrant system
  • Customs
  • Potable water
  • Assistance recruitment of labor
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Waste water treatment plant

Optional services include:

  • Computer services: (Hardware, Software, and programming)
  • Mechanical, electrical, and wood shops
  • Air conditioning, lighting and drop ceiling installations.
  • Other special; services not listed may be discussed and contracted on an individual basis.

The park layout includes two types of buildings:

  1. Standard Building
    » Total Area: 28,729 Sq. ft.
    » Production Area: 21,983 Sq. ft.
    » Production Office Area: 1,646 Sq. ft.
    » Administrative Office Area: 2,421 Sq. ft.
    » Cafeteria: 2,679 Sq. ft.
    » Clear Height: 20′
    » Automobile Parking Lots: 8
    » Container Parking Lots: 2
  2. B). Double Building
    » Total Area: 57,458 Sq. ft.
    » Production Area: 43,966 Sq. ft.
    » Production Office Area: 3,292 Sq. ft.
    » Administrative Office Area: 4,842 Sq. ft.
    » Cafeteria: 5,358 Sq. ft.
    » Clear Height: 20′
    » Automobile Parking Lots:16
    » Container Parking Lots:4
  3. Custom made buildings with total areas of approximately:
    a) 33,000 Sq. ft.
    b) 45,000 Sq. ft.
    c) 72,000 Sq. ft.
    d) 94,000 Sq. ft.
    Will construct in compliance with customers specifications and special requirements.
    Each building includes the following standard facilities: Administrative and Production Office Area, rest rooms, loading and unloading docks, clinic, cafeteria, storage and locker rooms.