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Welcome to AHM’s Sustainability Gallery, where we give a glimpse into our industry’s and member companies’ environmental, social and governance initiatives.

As there are simply too many initiatives, we will be sharing a few at a time, regularly updating the gallery.  They are classified in categories within each of the ESG criteria as follows:

  • Environment: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Reforestation, Waste Management, Water, Natural Risk Prevention
  • Social: Dialogue, Caring for Communities, Gender, Health, Talent Development, Childcare, Housing
  • Governance: Reporting, Corporate Governance Structures

Just click on the criteria of your choice on the menu and you will be taken to the different projects and initiatives.

Even though each company has its individual approach and implements its own sustainability strategy based on its material issues there are commonalities in some of them – which are addressed at industry level by AHM.

With this gallery, we hope to share with you stories of commitment that illustrate the difference this industry is making for its communities and throughout its supply chain.

In our first installment we bring to you stories of energy, community engagement, caring for our workers health and education – and leadership in corporate governance.