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Zoli Honduras Industrial Park



To provide the best infrastructure and first class service with highly dedicated and efficient personnel in order to be the best business partner to our customers. Vision: To become by 2020 the leading Industrial Free Zone committed to a longterm synergy with our foreign and national investors.


ZOLI HONDURAS is strategically located in the city of Choloma, Cortes 18 miles from Puerto Cortes (the biggest sea port of Honduras and Central America). A 1 hour drive. 7 miles from San Pedro Sula (the industrial capital of Honduras) and 16 miles from the Ramón Villeda Morales international airport.

ZOLI HONDURAS is designated as a Free Trade area for any type of industry and has the ideal environment for foreign or national investment.

Zoli Honduras provides: 100% Exemption from the import duties, export taxes, income and excise taxes, city and country taxes including sales taxes. 100% unrestricted currency conversion, withdrawal of profits and capital at any time.


ZOLI HONDURAS has 20 fully equipped buildings in an area of 210,437.40m² (2, 265,120ft²).

The dimensions of our buildings range from 835 m² to 3,393 m². The buildings also have enough space to increase their size according to the investors’ necessities in case of expansion.

3 26,880 2,499 2 Containers
4 32,200 2,993 2 Containers
5 34,589 3,215 3 Containers
6 33,945 3,155 5 Containers
7 26,897 2,500 2 Containers
8 26,897 2,500 2 Containers
9 26,897 2,500 2 Containers
10 24,804 2,306 2 Containers
11 36,500 3,393 3 Containers
12 30,663 2,850 2 Containers
13 29,914 2,779 4 Containers
14 26,897 2,500 2 Containers
15 26,897 2,500 2 Containers
16 27,000 2,510 2 Containers
17 23,383 2,173 3 Containers
18 26,897 2,500 3 Containers
19 25,315 2,353 2 Containers
20 8,984 835 2 Containers


Free Zone Regime
Zoli Honduras currently has 20 buildings on 52 acres of land that house important manufacturing firms. Taking advantage of the Honduran export processing law, Zoli Honduras is providing a fully serviced modern industrial setting; total exemptions on tax and tariff payments, and an attractive supportive environment for investment.
Administrative Building
The Administrative Building houses a customs office, pharmacy, commercial bank, cafeteria, engineering unit, maintenance and service departments.

Green Program
Zoli Honduras has the highest percentage of green areas within industrial parks in Honduras. Our green areas include a high density of trees and a pond. These areas are for recreational purposes, as well as to help reduce the negative environmental impact.

The Park offers 24-hour perimeter security surveillance and one protected public entrance for better control. We have ample and appropriate lighting throughout the park.

Customs Office
A customs office on-site provides services to help expedite export and import transactions. Import and export shipments are cleared in less than one day with minimum required documentation.

One efficient banking facility where complete financial services are available and payrolls can be disbursed with complete safety and security.

Human Resources Department
We assist our clients with workforce pre-screening and recruitment on-site. A Resume Data Base Bank gives clients access to information on operational and administrative personnel to help fill different openings.

Labor Force
A pool of productive labor force at competitive wages can be found within a ten miles radius of the park. Abundant, trainable, skilled and highly motivated employees.