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Legal Advise & Services

Legal services offered by the Honduran Manufacturers Association to its affiliates.

The Legal department is directed by Arnoldo Solis Lawyer, and assisted by Wendy Guevara, Lessy Villatoro and Claudia Madrid.

The Legal Department of the AHM was created with the vision of giving legal protection to its members through a responsible legal guidance in the way companies deals with business, civil, tax, labor, administrative issues or with any other type of conflicts a company may face in its relationship with third parties.

We believe that a company that operates under a compliance-oriented legal framework has guaranteed its institutional peace; under this premise, the legal department of the Honduran Manufactures Association (AHM) provides legal advice to its affiliates free of charge, with knowledge, experience and honesty. Consultations are received in writing and answered in the same way.

We also provide advice to potential investors wishing to invest in Honduras for free. More specialised legal advise is available to our affiliates, at reasonable fees. These are some of the services offered:

 Notary services: Incorporation of trading companies, buying and selling, etc.
 Proceedings before state agencies, such as:

  1. Requests for sales tax exemptions
  2. Requests for authorization to operate under the Free Zone regime
  3. Applications for Environmental Licenses
  4. Request for renewals of Environmental Licenses
  5. Application for exemption from taxes on petroleum fuels
  6. Applications for Registration Exemptions to the DEI
  7. Requests for special residence permits.
  8. Applications for work permits
  9. Authorization of Internal Working Regulations
  10. All types of application submitted to any government institution.

On numerous occasions, we have expressed our conviction that quality is an essential value of this Organisation. It is also important to us the way in which a particular service is provided to our clients. It is a priority  to constantly inform our members of any update to any of the laws relating to the manufacturing sector through the means of  email newsletters and other digital communications.

We have added to our functions periodic visits to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Social as well as to Labor Courts in order to know which of our affiliated companies may be facing labor claims and the reasons why they may have been presented by its workers. It is our desire that advice we give to our affiliates may help in resolving conflicts in a peaceful and conciliatory manner.