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Social Compliance Unit

The main objective of the Social Compliance Unit of the AHM is the promotion of a compliance culture among our affiliated companies.
This culture is spread through training and technical assistance programs related to the country’s current legislation, codes of conduct, market requirements, treaties and international agreements that promote business conduct that respects fundamental rights at work.

Training and Technical Assistance programs offered by this unit:

  • Labor Legislation Program
  • Adequate Conflict Resolution Program-RAC
  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • Training program on Gender issues: Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Labor Psychological Harassment, Domestic Violence,
  • Market Requirements: Free Trade Agreements, Codes of Conduct, Commercial Agreements, International Agreements.
  • Tax and Customs Update
  • Social Protection Laws
  • Technical Assistance and Pre-audits in Plant

This unit works together with institutions or organizations that promote Good Labor Practices in terms of compliance with labor rights and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Special Training Programs

  • Updating of Laws and Reforms
  • International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS
  • Training of Internal Auditors of Social Compliance
  • Good Labor Practice Guidelines (Fair Labor Association)
  • Labor Regulations of the SSO and its application in the Professional Risk Management-IHSS.
  • Procedure to follow for the attention to the Child Labor problem.
  • Seminars organized jointly with the Executive Directorate of Income DEI, in the following topics:
    • Special regimes
    • Tax incentives and tax obligations
Lidia Girón
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