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Green Valley Industrial Park

Green Valley Industrial Park: World class facilities

Cutting edge technology, custom facilities, and first class service combine to create the largest and most technologically advanced industrial park in the Americas. Offshore manufacturing on a free zone is the key for competitiveness; the right sourcing decision, on a sustainable industrial development makes Green Valley Industrial Park the right choice for your international operations. We have been able to put together an industrial cluster with textile, automotive, apparel, light assembly and other industries in the most modern industrial development in Honduras. All the companies established at Green Valley Industrial Park report highly productive and competitive operations, compared to similar operations established in China. Green Valley Industrial Park is a state of the art, industrial real estate development focused on providing reliable and cost competitive energy supply, the right transportation and logistics to assure an efficient supply chain, the most modern physical infrastructure for lean manufacturing operations. Global competition means having world-class operations, and only Green Valley Industrial Park offers your company this opportunity. Take a glimpse through our website and experience our unique amenities and award-winning facilities.

Green Valley Industrial Park Advantages

Green Valley provides complete industrial turnkey solutions including the customized development of buildings and installations as well as most other collateral services. Through our strategic partners we share years of success in Central American manufacturing and global distribution. This success is tapped to create solutions for a global marketplace and the most efficient industrial park imaginable.

Why Green Valley Industrial Park

We are strategically located on the North coast of Honduras, a zone with complete infrastructure, including paved roads, highways, in the center of a highly populated area with plenty of skilled labor candidates for your industry. Your facility will be just 1 1/2 hours from Puerto Cortes, the largest port in Central America, as well as close to your raw materials suppliers (yarn) within the premises of the park by Parkdale, and auxiliary chemicals by Pride Chemicals. Green Valley Industrial Park offers complete turnkey solutions: Plant development, from design to construction of buildings, providing all installation such as electrical, mechanical, HVAC, power through co-generation, waste water treatment. In addition, Green Valley provides assistance in incorporation and legal services, as well as complete human resources services. We also have the most competitive utility costs in the Western Hemisphere, through our Co-Generation and Waste Water Treatment facilities.