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Honduras is the first world buyer of yarn from the United States, representing one billion dollar imports, equivalent to 23% of the total US yarn sales. This means our country has achieved a vertical integration of its textile industry, becoming a world textile and apparel manufacturing power, and creating conditions for competitiveness along the supply chain.

This vertical development of the Honduran textile and apparel industry using American yarn has integrated it to the US milling and cotton industry, which is an important part of the trading and strategic relationship between Honduras and the United States.

Growth and consolidation of the textile and apparel sector in Honduras has resulted in the long term operation of renowned American companies that have created roots in the country and have become fundamental elements of the investment, export, and employment generation platform that this industry represents.

As part of its membership, the Honduran Manufacturers Association includes 19 member companies in this category, producing and exporting top quality fabric to the world.