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Apparel Manufacturing

Honduras manufacturing industry specializes in many types of textile clothing

The textile and garment industry has consolidated in Honduras thanks to renowned national and multinational companies that have put their trust in the country, and have established operations since 1990. They currently represent one of the primary industries employing labor in Honduras, including 146,000 direct and 500,000 indirect jobs.

The major export market for these goods is still the US. Textiles are the main product that manufacturing companies export. Other major products with the highest export rates include: t-shirts, in first place; socks; sweat shirts, which are second place in exports to the US; and cotton shirts in third place.

This has positioned Honduras as follows:

  • # 1 T-shirt exports to the United States
  • # 2 Sweat-shirt exports to the United States
  • # 5 Cotton shirt exports to the United States

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