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Zip San Jose


The only Industrial Park located in the city of San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital city of Honduras. No other Park in the country has the location Zip San Jose has, just 45 minutes away from Puerto Cortes, the most important port in Central America and the Caribbean, 10 minutes away from the Airport of San Pedro Sula, and just minutes away from the commercial and residential areas of the city. Our location permits us to be surrounded by the largest labor population, guaranteeing easy trainable labor force year round.

Zip San Jose offers a variety of options from Lease to Sale of Industrial Buildings, built according to American Standards and delivered according to client’s requirements.


  • Office divisions
  • Cafeteria
  • Locker Area
  • First Aid Area
  • Restrooms
  • Warehouse
  • Maintenance Area
  • Loading Dock for containers
  • Emergency Exits
  • Fire preventions connections


  • Air-Conditioning systems
  • Roof insulations in productions area
  • Dropped ceiling in office area
  • Illuminations installed
  • Productions systems installed
  • Electrical Systems installed
  • Telephone Connections

Our external design includes wide streets and parking areas, an off- highway pedestrian entrance for employee’s transportations, vehicle entrance, and recreations areas.


Human resources
The Park offers technical Labor Assistance and Personal prescreening of the factory’s personnel.

Permanent security
We maintain our installations fully illuminated and the security personnel accurately trained in the best way to serve and protect our costumers. Additionally we have installed a closed circuit TV monitoring system throughout the park in order to help our clients comply with the containers security initiative (CSI).

Custom office
The Custom Office inside the park offers an expedite service regarding the import and export of goods.

Includes general maintenance of park’s grounds and all water systems of the park, repairs of air-conditioning, electrical and production systems inside the factories.