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Zip Calpules



  • Strategically located on Highway 3 Kms. From International Airport «Ramón Villeda Morales» and with easy access to Puerto Cortes.
  • Surrounded by the colonies with the highest concentration of labor
  • Excellent public transport


  • Users engaged in different industries
  • Medium and small enterprises


One of the factors that give us a competitive advantage is the flexibility of ZIP Calpules construction. The building design is based on a modular concept that will adapt to the particular needs of each client. The design also facilitates installation of systems (air conditioning, electrical,ceiling, etc.) and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs.


  • ZIP Calpules offers users the organisation, infrastructure and the services of an industrial park, including:
  • External maintenance
  • Garbage collection
  • Perimeter security and common areas
  • Customs service during regular business hours.
  • Bank
  • Bilingual service
  • Telecommunications

ZIP Calpules’ strategy is to attract a diversity of customers with a preference for small and medium enterprises, and to promote joint investment of tenants. The park is adjacent to the areas of highest concentration of labor in the northern region of the country. Residential complex around ZIP Calpules are the main source of labor for San Pedro Sula and other parks located nearby.  San Pedro Sula has the largest concentration of professionals in the area of human resources such as engineers, managers and qualified technitians.


ZIP Calpules industrial buildings are constructed in modules of 1,500 sqm (25m x 60.0m wide long). These modules can be connected to provide greater areas (3,000 m², 4,500 m² and 6,000m², etc). It has offices buildings that accommodate to the customer needs.


None of the activities of ZIP Calpules and its users is degrade or pollute the environment.

The environmental impact assessment of companies operating in the park has been positive. Industrial or commercial operations are clean and strictly adhere to the rules of their respective environmental licenses.The Environmental Certificate granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment confirms compliance with environmental protection standards

The buildings and streets are surrounded by green areas and landscaping providing a natural environment to the park


Our mission is to provide investors a place to settle and facilitate their operations. We are committed to meet the needs of our customers so that they can achieve their goals efficiently.


Being a leader Park, providing our users with all the facilities to boost the country’s economy.

Calpules ZIP construction was initiated in October 1993. We currently have 39 buildings with a total of 71,000 Mts², including administrative offices. ZIP Calpules has additional space available for future expansions.