Inmobiliaria Hondureña del Valle, S.A. de C.V.

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Inmobiliaria Hondureña del Valle S.A. (INHDELVA)

Inmobiliaria Hondureña del Valle S.A. better known by its acronym INHDELVA is the Kattan Group’s first Industrial Free Zone. Founded in 1989 during the peak of the “maquila” boom in Honduras, and today INHDELVA houses over 30 tenants in more than 20 buildings, extending over 1 million square feet. INHDELVA’s tenants include several internationally renowned corporations such as Van Heusen, Coats, Gildan and Russell Corporation just to name a few, as well as joint ventures between the Kattan Group and other international corporations. INHDELVA also houses on-site customs clearance offices and a national banking branch; it has recreational areas for its employees and ample parking for its tenants’ containers.

As an industrial park, INHDELVA also offers services such as maintenance, personnel prescreening and recruitment as well as government lobbying and legal advice and guidance. It has recently pioneered a partnership with a local vocational school to train job applicants with no experience in the manufacturing industry, thus striving to provide its tenants with a higher quality worker pool.

INHDELVA is located in the CHOLOMA CITY and offers a full service package to its tenants.Our facilities include:Cafeteria for the employeesBank services inside the parkAdministration buildingIndustrial Buildings with different dimensions from 32,000 to 135,000 square feet.

Choloma is one of the fastest growing cities in Honduras. With a population of over 200,000 people, of which 47% are men and 53% are women. 40% are minors. The growing percentage is average of 6.9% per year.The manufacture industry (Maquila) represents 35,000 jobs for this city.Choloma is located 30 kms from Puerto Cortes and 35 kms from the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport (in San Pedro Sula).

65% of the population has full primary school, 20% high school and 3% college.Services:Our wide range of products includes knits such as various types of tees, plackets, fleece tops and bottoms, woven tops, woven bottoms, and uniform apparel. We also have cutting facilities, state of the art screen-printing and embroidery and a wet processing facility that uses techniques such as tinting, tie dyeing, sandblasting and spraying.We offer a wide variety of services:

Prescreening and recruitment of personnel
Corporate and labor related legal assistance
Medical service
Round the clock perimeter security
Waste removal
Structural and green area maintenance
Energy, water, telephone and internet service
Full customs and ranking service.

The Kattan Group offers Full Package services as well as 806 and 807 programs and it can source fabric and trim from around the world based on the customer needs. We offer a quality product with quick turnaround. We are environmentally friendly and comply with all local laws and customer requirements.The Kattan Group supplies some of the world’s best known clothing companies with a large variety of different fashions. We stay ahead with the latest manufacturing techniques to satisfy our customers every need.-

The Kattan Group is able to offer the best suited location for your offshore set-up with several Free Zone Parks to choose from.We are the only group with the full expertise and know-how to guarantee an efficient setup. Our staff consists of skilled experts from the textile and garment industry with multiple years of experience.-

Our HIGH TECH group includes engineers with a track record of successful factory setups in The US and in Asia. We understand CNC machine tools, molding, automated assemblies, PCB production etc.

We have our own communications company to give you all the tools for a call and service center installation.
Production Capacity Product Type Weekly Production
Knit Tops & Bottomsplacket shirts, children’s sets, sleep wear,T-shirts, Fleece
40,000 dz.Wovensoveralls, denim, twill bottoms, hospitality wear, uniforms, dress shirts
30,000 dz.Finishinggarment wash, stone wash, bleaching, tinting, sand blasting
12,000 dz.Embellishmentembroidery, screen print, heat seal
60,000 dz.Dirección: 800 mts. carretera a la Jutosa, Choloma, Cortes

Teléfono: (504) 2617-0050
Fax: (504) 2617-0199
Contacto: Oliveros Cerrato Sabillón
E-mail: oliveros.cerrato@kattangroup.com
Página web: www.kattangroup.com‘, ‘Inmobiliaria Hondureña del Valle, S.A. de C.V.


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  1. Srs. Podrian facilitarme el correo de Recursos Humanos de Inversiones Apolo – Pronto del Grupo Kattan,



    • Estimado Sr. Paz , la empresa Inversiones Apolo no es afiliada nuestra, sin embargo con el ánimo de servirle le proporcionamos esta dirección que nos proporcionaron.


      Espero le sea de utilidad!

      • Igualmente su números telefónicos son: 2516 0000

  2. I would like to know if you can find someone to manufacture my racing suits for the USA market and get me a way to contact them personaly.
    Ablo Espanol

  3. Me gustaria saber el nombre y numeros de telefono de las Empresas que forman parte de INHDELVA…Gracias de antemano

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