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Honduras is privileged to count on highly qualified people in different areas, who are part of its labor force. The textile manufacturing and harness industry keeps a wide database of bilingual and non-bilingual professionals with technical and administrative degrees, as well as human talent with ample experience in the industry, willing to be an active part of the labor force within companies. This database operates through the Employment Pool, a program coordinated by the Honduran Manufacturers Association, AHM, intended to facilitate recruiting processes to its member companies, and consequently increase opportunities to incorporate unemployed and underemployed people to the labor force. Employment Pool

Productivity efficiency of Honduran workers is admired and respected by international corporations operating in Honduras, since, compared to other countries, the Honduran manufacturing labor force exceeds 100% productivity, and attains120%.
This success is possible because workers at the manufacturing industry in Honduras have received continuous training for more than 10 years on different areas, through the Comprehensive Training Program for Competitiveness of the Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Industry, PROCINCO.

This program was designed to satisfy training and advisory needs at the plants, through courses, seminars and project development in Production, Administration, Humanistic Areas, and Occupational Safety and Health for AHM’s member companies, and it has been executed since 2001 with the support of the National Institute for Professional Education and the Inter-American Development Bank. PROCINCO.
There are people currently available in Honduras and ready to begin working in operative, administrative, technical, and other areas.

Professionals that are part of the data base for the AHM’s Employment Pool:

Industrial Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Mechatronic Engineers
Textile Engineers
Information Technology/Systems Administration Engineers

Administration and Finance:
Bachelors in Administration
Bachelors in Business Management
Bachelors in Economics
Bachelors in Public Accounting
Bachelors in Finance
Bachelors in Industrial Relations
Bachelors in Law
Bachelors in Trade an International Business

Humanistic Area:
Bachelors in Clinical and Industrial Psychology
Bachelors in Pedagogy
Bachelors in Marketing and Customer Service
Bachelors in Communication and Publicity
Bachelors in Nursing

Industrial Electricity Technicians
Technicians in Electronics
Technicians in Industrial Mechanics
Electromechanical Technicians
Technicians in PC Repair and Maintenance
Technicians in Cutting and Sewing
University Technicians in Graphic Design

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